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How To Boost Your AdSense Revenue

If you hear about people achieving high payments per click with AdSense, remember that's only part of the story. For high total earnings, you also need lots of page views and a high click-through rate.

Here are some ideas on how to achieve those three things:

If you're starting afresh designing a site specifically for AdSense revenue, you'll want a simple design that makes it easy to paste Google's code into a horizontal or vertical space on the site. For experienced webmasters, that's easy.

To increase your click-throughs, design a simple, uncluttered page with the AdSense ads displayed prominently.

Use white space, so that the AdSense panel catches the eye.

Where possible, use ads high on the page. They catch visitors' attention.

Experiment with borderless ads high on the page. (You can create borderless ads by setting the border color to the same as the background color. Look in your AdSense control panel under "Ad settings".)

Try placing AdSense high in the left-hand column. That works well for super affiliate James Martell.

On very simple, one-column pages, making your article wrap around AdSense ads near the top-right of the page works remarkably well for me on a non-Internet marketing site.

Stick to only one topic per page – that makes it easier for Google to serve up highly relevant ads on your pages.

Plain, bland pages with few competing hyperlinks result in higher click-through rates on the AdSense ads.

If you want to target certain high-priced keywords, use them in the file name, in the heading on the page, and in the first paragraph – in other words, use search engine optimization techniques.

If you change those keywords, Google will change the ads that appear on your page.

If you have trouble getting AdSense to serve relevant pages, check your anchor text – the words used in links on your page. Try changing some of those words.

Watch out for cases where Google has guessed wrong, and is displaying ads that won't interest your visitors. Figure out which words are involved, and rewrite those words. Help Google by sticking closely to the topic.

Don't worry about losing traffic via those clicks. If you can earn maybe 30 or 50 cents or more per click, you WANT to lose visitors!

You'll also want keyword-rich pages, optimized to rank highly in search engines, so you can serve lots of pages.

Try using ads at the top of the page and again at the bottom. At first, this wasn't allowed but AdSense changed the rules and it's now OK.

One of the beautiful things about AdSense is that you can now generate revenue from informational sites even if there are no obvious related affiliate programs. With more than 100,000 advertisers, there's a good chance that Google will find ads that match your pages, better than the big ad networks can.

Don't be tempted into trying to create thousands of spammy computer-generated articles. Human beings review sites for AdSense. Build useful, interesting sites. Google likes them.

One way to create articles quickly is use Gary Antosh's approach. He pays people to write articles for him - by the truckload. So far he has bought hundreds of them and paid only $5 per article. See How to buy articles for $5 - the details

Another way is to use works that are copyright-free. Here's a book that describes how to find such articles: The Public Domain: How to Find and Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More

However, that technique isn't likely to be useful for long. At the very least, it would be wise to add your own introduction and conclusions to make your pages different from everyone else's.

So You've Finished Reading This Saying Where the Resources? Don't I Need A Website? There No Way I Want To Pay For A Website, Right? Well 50/50 If You Want To Be All Bling Bling and Flashy Then go Ahead With The Paid Webhosting And Use My Tips But If You Want A Free More Reliable Soultion Proceed To How To Boost Your AdSense Revenue part 2 Where I Reveal The Most Efficiant Way To Create Your Own AdSense Income That the So Called "gurus" Never Told You This One Webpage Not To Miss.
Firstly We Need To Set Aside The Advantages from The Disadvantages ( Trust Me You'll Be Thanking Me Later).

The Advantages Of Google AdSense

  • AdSense is simple to join.
  • It's easy to paste a bit of code into your pages.
  • It's free to join.
  • You don't have to spend time finding advertisers.
  • Google provides well written, highly relevant ads – chosen to closely match the content on your pages.
  • You don't have to waste time choosing different ads for different pages.
  • You don't have to mess around with different code for various affiliate programs.
  • You're free to concentrate on providing good content and Google does the work of finding the best ads for your pages from 100,000 AdWords advertisers.
  • It's suitable for beginners or marketing veterans.
  • AdSense provides simple, easy-to-understand stats.
  • If you have affiliate links on your site, you ARE allowed to add AdSense ads. However, with your affiliate links, you must not mimic the look and feel of the Google ads.

Inevitably, AdSense is competing strongly for space on web sites with all other revenue sharing opportunities.If you own a small web site you can now plug a bit of code into your site and almost instantly relevant text ads that are likely to appeal to your visitors will appear on your pages.If you own several sites, you need apply only once. This makes AdSense much simpler than joining a bunch of affiliate programs.As you can see, I'm really keen on this revenue sharing service


One problem is inappropriate ads. You don't want spammy junk advertised on your site. Google's standards probably aren't as high as yours. You can filter out 200 URLs, but in some industries that won't be enough.

The stats Google supplies are inadequate. They're easy to understand at a glance. However, they don't tell you which ads people are clicking on, or which keywords are involved. That's frustrating.

Also, I'd like to be able to identify and block ads that have very low payout rates, without doing a lot of sleuthing and messing around.

The ad panels say "Ads by Google" – free advertising for Google. You don't earn anything if someone clicks on that link.

The minimum payout is $100, which is regarded as too high by sites which don't receive much traffic. That won't worry experienced webmasters.

Also, sites that want to display AdSense ads may not include "other content-targeted and/or text-based ads on the pages displaying AdWords ads." However, human beings review the sites. Rejected sites have been able to appeal successfully.

Another disadvantage is that Google doesn't want you to share your stats with other webmasters. The AdSense Terms and Conditions say:

"Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without Google's prior written consent. 'Google Confidential Information' includes without limitation: ... (b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance in the Program provided to you by Google..."

That's really weird. Web site owners need to be able to share such information and discuss successes and failures.

A big disadvantage of the service is that Google doesn't say how much its AdSense partners will receive. You'll just receive an unknown share of the revenue.

Only a company with the goodwill and respect Google has earned could get away with such a cheeky offer.

Google says:

"How much will I earn through this program? The AdWords ads you are able to display on your content pages are cost-per-click (CPC) ads. This means that advertisers pay only when users click on ads. You'll receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on AdWords ads on your website. Although we don't disclose the exact revenue share, our goal is to enable publishers to make as much or more than they could with other advertising networks."

So the only way to know how much you'll earn is to try it and see. If you want to bail out, all you have to do is remove the code from your site.

Don't put all your eggs in the AdSense basket. If Google discovers fraudulent clicks on ads appearing on your pages, it can dump your site from the service, and refuse to pay you all revenue owed. Some webmasters who claim total innocence have had this happen to them.

Google has made several changes to its AdSense FAQ, clarifying varying things. For example, you CAN apply for separate accounts for separate web sites. I've done so, and checked with Google that it's OK. Read the rules – they look ambiguous to me. If in doubt, ask first!

Google has added "channels" which improve the tracking. I strongly recommend that you experiment with these.Sites with "excessive advertising" are being rejected

PLEASE read the rules and FAQ. When I looked, some advice in the rules contradicted advice in the FAQ. If in any doubt, ask their support staff. They're very helpful.
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